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In today’s tight job market, many employers realize that they need to take a closer look at their benefits package in an effort to attract and retain employees.  How often have you found a qualified candidate that you hope to hire only to learn that they decide to go with another position?  Most likely, the candidate has found another job in which the benefits offered by the competition were more attractive.

When reviewing the development of benefits and perks for your company, it is valuable to understand the differences.  Benefits are a form of non-wage compensation that supplement salary (e.g., health insurance). Perks are a form of non-wage compensation (e.g., work from home Fridays), but unlike benefits, are more loosely defined and vary greatly.

Glassdoor indicates that 57% of job seekers list benefits and perks among the chief determinants when evaluating jobs.  Benefits and perks impact recruiting efforts as they help to get prospective talent interested in a company and through the door.

The primary benefits and perks that prospective job seekers value most when considering a new position include (listed in order of importance):

  • Better health, dental, and vision insurance
  • More flexible hours
  • More vacation time
  • Work from home options
  • Retirement benefits; pension plan, 401K

Although there are some new, innovative benefits and perks being offered such as free-snacks or nap pods—the top benefits/perks valued by many employees are those that improve their work/life balance.

Some innovative, non-traditional benefits/perks offered by large companies and tech-based companies include:

  • Unlimited vacation
  • Student loan assistance
  • Free gym membership
  • Free day care services
  • Free fitness or yoga classes offered on-site
  • Catered breakfast and/or lunch
  • Company-wide retreats
  • Paid volunteer days
  • Paid parental leave for moms and dads (16+ weeks)
  • Dedicated game rooms
  • Nap rooms

Although the benefits and perks offered can help get prospective talent through the door of your organization, once hired, it is the culture, values, and career opportunities that are the leading factors in employee satisfaction.  Employee interests vary depending on company size, industry and demographics.  To find the benefits package that best fits your business, it’s important to survey employees about what they value most.

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