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Hopefully you have your summer intern program ready to launch but whether you do or not, here is some important information to help make your program a success.  First ensure your program is compliant with Department of Labor regulations regarding internships.  In the last couple years, both the federal and state governments have been cracking down on the use of unpaid interns.  The use of ‘free’ interns has been significantly reduced since 2010 when the Department of Labor issued new criteria for employers using unpaid interns: 

In general, the internship should be structured as a training experience, similar to a classroom as opposed to the employer’s actual operations.

  • The training given to the interns must be for the benefit of the intern, and not the employer.  Employers should see no immediate benefit from the intern’s work.
  • The intern cannot displace regular employees but they should work under close supervision.
  • You need to establish in advance that the internship is for a fixed duration of time and the intern is not necessarily entitled to a job at the conclusion of the internship.
  • There is a clear understanding by both the employer and the intern that the intern is not entitled to wages for the time spent in the internship.

 If your program includes unpaid interns, consult federal and state wage and hour websites or legal counsel regarding regulatory compliance.  In addition to the regulations, many universities and colleges have specific requirements for the internship program up to and including providing educational credit.  If your intern program does not fit the regulatory criteria for unpaid interns, the same wage and hour guidelines that you follow for your hourly (non-tip) workforce will apply.  Interns are often paid at rates comparable to entry level positions within the department or discipline in which he/she will be working.  Local market or industry salary surveys can assist you in setting competitive pay rates for your interns.

In addition to the compliance component of your intern program, below are some best practices you may want to consider integrating into your program.

Recruit the right candidates by having a clear and thoughtful internship description and get referrals.

  • Designate a program manager and a manager as well as a mentor for each intern
  • Provide structure, even when they aren’t paid.
  • Hold orientation sessions for all involved.
  • Provide interns with a handbook and/or website.
  • Provide interns with real work that is related to their major, that is challenging, that is recognized by the organization as valuable, and that fills the entire work term.
  • Consider offering flex time for the interns
  • Host social events and activities for the interns
  • Encourage team involvement.
  • Conduct exit interviews.

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