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Hotel Industry Salary Increase City Comparison

In the WageWatch blog on 2/20/14, we reported that based on the WageWatch PeerMark™ Wage Survey of over 4,900 hotels for 2013, US national wage and salary increases were reported as 2.7% for the year, which was comparable to the increases in 2012 of 2.6%, and twice the annual increase of 1.4% in 2011. There was no statistical difference in wage increases for limited or select service hotels and for full service hotels in the survey.

Now let’s zoom in on a few select cities and see how they compare to each other and the national average.  We’ve run WageWatch PeerMark™ Wage Surveys for select cities and select hourly positions’2013 salary increases.  For full-service hotels we surveyed Housekeeper, Front Desk Agent, Steward, Bell Person and Administrative Assistant.  For select-service hotels we surveyed Housekeeper and Front Desk Agent.

Below is a chart illustrating the average percent increases from 2012 to 2013 in seven cities for both full-service (FS) and select-service (SS) hotels.  Chicago and Phoenix/Scottsdale have above average increases for most of the positions surveyed in the full-service hotels.  In all cases below, increases for select service hotels fell below their full-service counterparts. However most of the select-service hotels reside in the outer city limits or surrounding suburbs versus most of the full-service hotels are in downtown and inner city markets. The negative increases would be due to turnover, new positions, movement in the market, and other circumstances such as replacing positions at lower rates, and not reflective of actual salary decreases.

 city compare graph

WageWatch, Inc. is the leading compensation survey provider for the lodging and gaming industries with 6,000 properties participating in its PeerMark™ Wage Survey. WageWatch also conducts compensation surveys for other business and industry segments including healthcare and non-profits. The PeerMark™ Wage Survey is the only Web-based custom survey tool that allows individual survey participants to select their competitive set for comparison purposes.

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