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  1. What were the names of the turkeys given to the White House this year?

  2. In what year was the first Thanksgiving Day celebrated?

  3. What President declared Thanksgiving a national holiday?

  4. What year was the first Macy’s Day Parade?

  5. What was the first year the NFL games were played on Thanksgiving?

  6. What is the average cost to feed a 10-person Thanksgiving dinner in 2019?

  7. What U.S. towns have the name of Turkey?

  8. What percentage of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

  9. How many questions does Butterball answer on their hotline every year?

  10. What is the average Thanksgiving Day on-line shopping expenditure?

    Answers:  1) Bread & Butter; 2) Year-1621; 3) President Lincoln declared on 10-3-1863; 4) Macy’s parade launched 1924; 5) First NFL game-1920; 6) Cost-$48.90; 7) Turkey Creek, LA, Turkey, TX, Turkey, NC, & Turkey Creek, AZ; 8) 96% Celebrate; 9) 100K+ Answers; 10) $3.7 Billion spent in 2018 (a 37% increase from 2017).

    We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!  Your Friends at WageWatch
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